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Local Cheese Shops

What Makes Great Local Cheese Shops

So you've begun the search for specialty cheese shops near me but aren't sure what it is that you're supposed to be looking for? Specialty cheese shops can be part of a larger specialty foods supermarket but they are not your generic, big-box supermarkets. Generic supermarkets aren't great places to buy specialty cheese as really great cheeses require more care and attention than most supermarkets are willing to handle. Many types of specialty cheese varieties are those that are imported and they must be sold and used within a short time frame of their production. This means that the store must quickly order them and have them properly displayed for customers sometimes within weeks of their being made. The average generic supermarket would rather just buy bulk processed cheeses that have a longer sell-by date -- even if they aren't quite as tasty.

When researching specialty cheese shops near me, you should look at the cheese selection foremost. Check to see if all of the cheeses come with clear labels that tell you the name of the cheese, where it came from, and a clear best by date. Great local cheese shops are those shops that are constantly bringing in new stock and making sure their customers know about their latest selections. Furthermore, each cheese on display should look healthy and of good quality. What this means is that cheeses should not have any big dents, cracks, or removed rinds. Avoid any local specialty cheese shop that fails to properly display their cheeses or have cheese that looks runny or excessively dry. These are cheese shops that, like supermarkets, likely don't have a lot of turnarounds and therefore have old cheeses sitting in their displays.

In addition to having a good selection of cheeses, a fantastic local cheese shop will also have fantastic staff and offer cheese home delivery import. A fantastic staff means that people knowledgeable about the different types of specialty cheeses and locally sourced cheeses will be on hand for you to talk to. They will answer your questions personally and will encourage you to taste and try various cheeses. A specialty cheese shop wants to create fellow cheese lovers and cheesemongers and so any shop that doesn't have staff members knowledgeable about their inventory and willing to assist ought to be avoided.

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