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Imported Cheeses

Top Types of Imported Cheeses

If you are new to shopping at an imported cheese store, then you are likely to find yourself a bit overwhelmed when you first see the cheese selection available to you. There are incredibly over 1,800 different types of cheeses available in the world and while your local imported cheese store isn't likely to have quite that large of a cheese distribution and selection available, you are apt to see quite a few imported cheeses that you haven't heard before. Cheeses that aren't Swiss or Cheddar. Let's take a look at some top favorite imported cheeses the are likely going to be available at your local imported cheese store:

Top Types of Imported Cheeses


  • Burrata. If you like mozzarella cheese, then you will really, really love burrata cheese. Burrata cheeses are typically imported from Italy, specifically the Italian region of Puglia. These imported cheeses have a thin exterior skin and the interior is full of mozzarella-like cheese that has been soaked in cream. This is, however, a very perishable type of imported cheese and must be sold within a couple of weeks of its production.

  • Comte. An imported cheese store will typically buy its cheese from the Jura Massif region of Eastern France. Authentic comte cheeses are produced from a very few select farms and from select breeds of cows. Furthermore, the cows that produce the milk that is used for imported imported cheeses are fed a very strict diet of only grasses with silage types of feed strictly prohibited. The result, however, of this highly regulated process is fantastic. The comte cheese boasts a moist texture with a mouthwatering taste with notes of caramel and butter that is ideal for use with light bread pairings and in cooking.

  • La Chevrot. La Chevrot is another unique type of French cheese, although its production isn't quite so regulated. Just about every imported cheese store will have a selection of La Chevrot available thanks to it being a good cheese for those just starting to branch out into imported cheeses. La Chevrot has the color of almond milk and will come with a wrinkly, semi-hard rind. Once you have it at your home, you will want to cut open that rind and enjoy the delicious snow-white soft cheese at its center. The La Chevrot cheese has a sweet and mellow taste renowned for its nutty overtones and slight tangy aftertaste. This is an imported cheese you will definitely want to try, particularly with a glass of white wine in hand.

Of course, this is only a small look at imported cheeses you will have available to you at your local imported cheese store and for cheese home delivery import. Remember there are hundreds, over a thousand kinds of cheese for you to explore. If you find yourself unable to choose one or are unsure if a certain type of cheese is what you think it is, you can always contact your local imported cheese store where they offer cheese distribution. A specialty imported cheese store and its friendly, knowledgeable staff are the best resources you have for learning more about the cheeses available to you.

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