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Fresh Mozzarella

What to Know About Fresh Mozzarella

If you are just getting into specialty cheeses and looking for a new gourmet cheese to try, then fresh mozzarella is a fantastic place to start. Fresh mozzarella is a delicious cheese and is a great choice for people who have not yet developed a palate for stronger, more typically smelly types of cheeses. Quality gourmet mozzarella is also seen as a very healthy cheese thanks to its low fat, low sodium content. This type of cheese is overall also more nutritious than other cheese varieties due to it being sourced from water buffalo milk rather than cow milk. Thanks to this water buffalo milk, gourmet mozzarella is packed with higher concentrations of protein, iron, and calcium.

Note that when going to your local cheese shop or call in for cheese home delivery import, fresh mozzarella or gourmet mozzarella is going to be a lot different than the standard shredded mozzarella you see in every standard grocery store. First off, gourmet mozzarella is sourced from a totally different animal. Where shredded mozzarella typically found in standard grocery stores may come from standard cow milk, good gourmet mozzarella will only come from those aforementioned water buffalos. Those water buffalos are a specialty breed that comes from Italy. This type of fresh gourmet mozzarella will have a soft, silky, and milky flavor; much more so than the mozzarella found in standard supermarkets.

For those really into fresh mozzarella, you can look for cheese kids that will enable you to make your own homemade mozzarella. Handmade mozzarella is made with rennet, milk, water, and citric acid. You can choose to either get the authentic water buffalo milk for true gourmet mozzarella or you can start simple with standard goat milk for your handmade mozzarella.

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